Saturday, June 11, 2011

Ombre Hair

So I'm aiming for this look as my "summer look." My appointment is on July 1st with an Allure mag recommended stylist. Can't wait!

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Fall Feeling

My favorite season is the fall. And do you know what gets me into the fall feeling? Mmmm.... Okay I'll tell you.

1. Festive fall cupcakes that look like a dreamy frosting filled pumpkin patch.

2. Cozy flannel pajamas on kissable Amelie skin with bare toes that remind me of edible peanuts.

3. Fall colors on my darlin's the oranges, cheetah prints, courdery, and matroyshka doll tee.

4. Trips to the bookstore when we are sick of being indoors on a rainy day and don't know what else to do with ourselves. Hooray for the B & N kids section!

5. A hearty meal burning on the stove.

6. Which is best had with the family gathering round an inviting table.

7. Halloween!!!

Spent here at the library Halloween party where my littles were enamored with costumed kiddies running all over the place. Both caused their fair share of chaos, of course, but were treated with their candy of choice - a lollipop each as a trick or treat eat. After which, they both collapsed on the car ride home.

8. And last but certainly not least, the fall foliage which makes the romantic in me yearn for the fall to grace us more than just once a year.

Friday, July 2, 2010

Summer = Pool

My mom took my brothers and I to the subdivision pool every summer. I wanted to give it a try with my kiddies. Since my parents still live in the same subdivision where I grew up and our own neighborhood has no community pool, we headed to the pool where my summertime water memories began.

As we strolled into the pool area, however, and parked our stroller by the umbrella covered tables, my kids crumpled into unsure faces.

Will I like the pool?

Maybe not...

Definitely NOT!

But one little rugrat ended up waddling his little legs in the water.

The other rooted herself on Mama's lap. Looking positively adorable, I might add.

And then lo and behold!!!! A smile appeared! Yes we are having fun!

In different ways.

We had a fabulous time, nonetheless! Memories were created, and Mama's heart uplifted to see her littles soaking in the summer sunlight.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Prada Heels Please

I am love love loving this Prada heels. I'm totally for pale colored shoes this summer into fall into winter. I have so many ideas for outfits. Not mommy and me outfits, but rather work outfits, going out with Basel outfits, or girls night out outfits. So please go on sale Prada heels. Then I can get you without feeling guilty.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

A Graduation & Pigtails

I've been so busy as of late that I haven't had time for anything. No blogging, no paper scrapbooking, no online scrapbooking, no taking pictures even of my kids. In other words, no memories. I've had my husband's family visiting for an extended stay. They'll be departing this week. Although they are loved, it'll be nice to have our routine and life back to normal.

So here is a post that been postponed until now.

Hashem's graduation a month ago where we gave him a surprise party in his honor. I think he was pleased :)

A recent picture of the five Rifai siblings (with a Hajjar baby included). I love each time we take one. The last one we took was three years ago at Hadie's graduation from college. My how we've changed!

Sweet Amelie romancing her way into her uncle's heart.

The whole fam before barbecue dinner is served. Basel was testing out his first barbecue run on the new grill out back. Delicious!

Fighting over the pony. A month later and they still fight over the pony.

Auntie J and her neice, A, in the same patterned outfit (dress and leggings match!).

I also had to include my darlin Em's hair has grown long enough for pigtails!!!! This is huge - since Mama is a fan of all things girly. Pigtails are just so darn cute on my girl, except that they are pulled off minutes after I've put them in her hair. Worth it still!

Friday, April 30, 2010

Beautiful Bday

We had ourselves a day that will resonate with me always. I cannot say how much joy was in this day. Not just because my babies turned one or that they are celebrating their first birthday, but also because we celebrated our family that day. We celebrated how these two little souls created my little family and how they are also encircled by a bigger family loving, supporting and protecting them. I love how we can share joy with family. How family understands you and loves you regardless. The best gift I can give my children is family. That is your birthday present from me, Carr and Amelie.

Lotsa gifts, Mama...does she get it? I think so.

My little man wasn't feeling it that day. But he hung in there. Wish I could've captured a smile that day.

Lovely little lady. I bought that outfit on etsy. So adorable! The blog world has taught me so much about what is out there on etsy.

Opening gifts. Funny how the bigger kiddies wanted to open up the gifts they brought since C & A don't know how yet.

My ballerina sistra, Jenna. You look divine among those bubbles. And I love your outfit, girl. Spring becomes you ;)

Carrem & Amelie party favors. I got them from this place.

Please note the difference on how my two babies smashed their cakes.

After he royally smashed up his smash cake. He got grossed out and cried. Then figured out the sugar around his lips and lickity split licked those lips. Love this boy!

Amelie on her new pink pony with the help of Auntie J.

Happy birthday, my darlings!

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Home is Where Our Heart is

My babies love being at home. Our home, not anyone else's.
Happiness shines on their faces in our home.
I hardly see that in any other place.
(except at Grandma's...but who doesn't love Grandma's? ).

I love his sweet face. Can't you see bliss in his eyes?
Not to say that we don't love getting out.
Put our jackets on and go on a Mama and me outing.

I couldn't resist posting this pic...she is such a doll getting ready to go out! Love those side swept bangs!
But somehow each nook and cranny of home that has been discovered and rediscovered is still preferred among any other place. There they find comfort and love.Each time they find a different way to play in the same familiar spot.Some places in our home are a constant wonder.The kitchen especially...

And yes there are times when these peeps get bored
and start to pick on one another.
A less than gentle nudge warning him to get out of her way!

Somehow, though, tensions fade and smiles reappear and new home wonders are discovered.
This explains why we don't get out much. Why we are homebodies. And we LOVE it!
Although I would like to go to a movie once in awhile...